Red panic button and green success button, isolated on a white background.

March 10th is National Panic Day.  The feeling of panic is hardly something to celebrate, success feels much better.  Imagine the panic you would feel if you found yourself homeless, cold and hungry.  You’d hope someone would help.  Help you get warm and fed.  Help you get out of that situation. In greater Fort Wayne, someone will. And the LWML of Prince of Peace Grabill wants to help that cause.

The ministries of The Rescue Mission seek to provide not only immediate physical needs, but also the Hope of the Gospel of Christ and a new path in life. In addition to the food and shelter we usually think of, longer term programs help individuals (men, women and children) get off of the trajectory they are on, and be supported as they learn the path to productive lives they can be proud of. To success! They are in the process of expanding their facilities and ability to respond to the needs in our community.

The individuals they help often literally have only the clothes on their backs.  Everything the Rescue Mission provides is supported by donations.  We can help by contributing to stocking their stores of clothing and supplies.  A current need is for new underwear (mens and womens size M-4XL, childrens “pull-ups” in largest size) and hygiene supplies (shower gel/soap, deodorant, etc in regular sizes).  A bin to collect these items will be in the narthex thru Sunday March 9th.  On March 10th they will be delivered to the Rescue Mission, just in time to acknowledge their helping people move from a state of panic to the joy of success, while inviting them to the Eternal Joy of a relationship with Jesus.